Two Pear Trees going Wild

Asked July 4, 2019, 8:57 PM EDT

Why do my pear trees have so much new growth? I trimmed them the end of October( We are snowbirds so leave at that time & return end of April). One is a Dwarf Summercrisp Pear planted in 2014(Image 7932)-the one on the left. The other is a Dwarf Patten Pear planted in 2015(Image 7933). I got my first pears two years ago when the Summercrisp had 2 pears. Last year, each tree had 6 pears. This year, neither bloomed. From what I have read, they should produce pears every year. The leaves look healthy.

Washington County Minnesota

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Fruit trees typically bear fruit every other year or bear heavily one year and little the next. The trees are growing faster this year because they have grown enough to have a large root system and there has been a lot of rain. Plants everywhere are getting supersized.