My maple tree won't branch out

Asked July 4, 2019, 4:43 PM EDT

Hello, I live in a suburb of Salt Lake City Utah. I have a tree presently planted in the center of my front yard. I have been feeding it with Miracle-Gro about once a week. I lost 2 previous trees in that same spot/location. The others were also Maples. This current maple has plenty of leaves, but it isn't branching out. This is the same thing that the other two trees did and once the next spring came around, they died. The branches are about as long as they were when I planted it in early April and the tree looks healthy. Please - any suggestions?

Salt Lake County Utah

2 Responses

First, stop fertilizing. No tree needs that much fertilizer, and in fact, you may be reaching toxic levels of some nutrients. You also may contaminate ground water.

As for the tree's branch growth, I don't know what you mean that the tree is not branching out and that the branches aren't elongating, but there are plenty of leaves. You may not have noticed, but there had to be branch growth for there to be plenty of leaves, though growth is usually somewhat slow for several years following transplanting.

You can send photographs if you want.

Thank you for your advice! I will not fertilize anymore until perhaps next year.