Is Borage a bad invasive plant

Asked July 4, 2019, 9:30 AM EDT

I grew Borage in my garden this year and it's starting to produce seeds which I've been collecting for next year. But it's producing soooooo many seeds, and I'm worried that it'll affect the native habitat around where I live as I've noticed that the birds are loving the seeds. Is Borage bad to grow? The bees are loving it, I've had so many bees this year because of the Borage and it's definitely helped with my other veggies and strawberries I've planted. But I don't want to grow it if it's going to outcompete the native plants in my area.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Borage is not listed as invasive. There are many plants which are rambuctious, but not invasive because they do not out-compete natives in the wild.
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