Bats Removal

Asked July 4, 2019, 9:09 AM EDT

I have a house in Cambridge, Maryland which have Bats in the Roof. I need a Free Bats removal service ASAP. “PLEASE HELP!!!”

Wicomico County Maryland

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Unfortunately, bats evoke fear in many people. This is unwarranted because bats are actually gentle, peaceful animals that are very beneficial to people and gardens. Since bats are so beneficial they should not be deliberately killed. Bats can consume as much as one-third of their weight in flying insects every ½ hour.

We understand you don't want them in your home though.
Through the summer, they could still have babies in there and so you don't want to close up the way they get in yet, so hang in there.
Here is our page on bats, including how to exclude them eventually:

We are not aware of any free service that does this, but you can check with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Hotline for their thoughts and suggestions. More info and that number listed here: