Mulch and termites

Asked July 4, 2019, 8:46 AM EDT

I have used shredded pine bark mulch for years, believing that it was not attractive to termites. It seems to be in short supply this year and I'm wondering if there really is a mulch that is "better" for termite prevention. Cypress, cedar and cocoa bean hulls (which are obviously not wood) have also been touted as being less popular with the pests.
Is there a definitive answer on this subject?

Howard County Maryland

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The termites that we have in Maryland are not attracted to mulch.
They are subterranian, living out of sight and moving within enclosed tubes.

You have many options for what your mulch is made of.
Here is our page on mulch:

Stay away from the cocoa bean hulls, which are attractive to dogs and other animals but the theobromine in them is toxic.