Rose zone hardiness

Asked July 3, 2019, 11:25 PM EDT

Hi, I have a touch of class hybrid tea rose and I was wondering on the tag I got for the rose it shows it’s for zone 6 but it’s hardy down to -30°F, And I garden in a zone 5b so can I grow it in this zone and will it survive?

Will County Illinois

1 Response

Thank you for your question. USDA zones are confusing! Here is the official map, into which you can enter your zip code to see which zone you are in: Zone 5b gets down to -15. Plants hardy to Zone 6 can withstand winters with lowest temperatures down to -5 to -10, depending on the subzone. I cannot explain the -30 temp (3a or 3b), unless the seller was not aware of actual temperatures. However, regardless of lowest temperature zones, you can protect the plant by planting it in the soil (where its roots are protected) and mulching around the plant’s stem(s) to protect the bark and vascular system. Some gardeners also encase it in bubblewrap, which keeps snow and ice from breaking off the above-ground plant structure. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!