White Pine Tree emitting white sap.

Asked July 3, 2019, 4:38 PM EDT

An Eastern White Pine Tree has a thick sap exuding from a hole, about 1/8 inch in dia, where there was a branch. Also there is a white residue coming from the same place. I inserted a wire in the hole for about 3-4 inches; and then it stopped. What is going on? and is the tree going to be OK?

Bucks County Pennsylvania

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Here is a possible reason from another extension agent:

It is possible that your tree is suffering from bacterial wet wood or slime flux. Read on - Slime Flux/Wet Wood Ornamental Disease http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/pp/notes/oldnotes/od8.html Excerpt - "Slime flux is a bacterial disease. The infected wood is frequently discolored or appears water soaked (wet wood). Gas (carbon dioxide) is produced by fermentation by bacteria. The gas produces pressure in the wood. This pressure forces sap from the trunk through cracks in branch crotch unions, pruning wounds, lawn mower wounds, other injuries and occasionally unwounded bark. " "There is no curative or preventive measures for slime flux except to maintain trees in a general good state of vigor and minimize wounds and injuries."


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