transplanting sedum kamtschaticum

Asked July 2, 2019, 2:56 PM EDT

is it too late this summer to transplant some sedum kamtschaticum?! what would be an appropriate soil mixture?! what else would encourage the sedum to transplant successfully? look forward to hearing from you!!! gant - trf

Pennington County Minnesota

3 Responses

Sedum can be transplanted anytime. Take as much of the root as you can and water the transplants if the soil dries out. They will do well if planted in soil that drains well and does not stay wet for a long time. They should also be planted in full sun.

Thank you, Evelyn. My planting location is in full sun and the soil drainage appears satisfactory. I'll mix in some perlite or coarse sand just in case.

Good luck, I am sure they will do well.