Tent caterpillar control

Asked July 2, 2019, 2:35 PM EDT

Re Western and Eastern tent caterpillar control.

Instead of various sprays, I use 2 very effective manual methods to control tent caterpillars. I'd like to see these listed first.

Collect/destroy the egg masses which can be found easily when the leaves are off the trees. Here in the east, main host plants are wild cherry, apple, quince, so you don't need to look at every tree out there. Just clip off the twig the egg mass is on. In my experience, the egg mass is usually within 6 inches of the twig end. Put in the garbage or wood stove.

As soon as tents are present, start poking the tents with a stick, wind the sticky tent on the stick, and step on the tent and larvae inside. To be done early or late in the day when the larvae are present. Less disgusting when tents/larvae are smaller.

Barry County Michigan

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