Asked July 2, 2019, 1:57 PM EDT

If a bordeaux fungicide calls for 2 gallons water and add 1 quart copper solution, and the copper comes in 10 pound bags of granules, how much copper do you add to make the 1 quart copper solution?

Elko County Nevada

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I have attached a link to a UC Davis information sight that has already worked out the calculation for mix Bourdaue mixes. The site will also go over the different applications Bourdeaux mixes can be used for. Please make sure that you are careful about application rates on ornamentals and edibles as our temperatures are rising and the mixes can tend to be heavy and potentially more harmful than the mildew.

But he does indeed have Venturia fungus and he lost 2 trees last year and so far it is pretty widespread in the others. He is pruning it out but he has an extensive windbreak and would like to spray too.

Hi Candie, I did not realize this was for the gentleman with the poplar issue. As long as he follows the product labels and this is what they advise he should be alright. Just make sure he pays close attention to the labels and the temperatures that they say it is safe to apply the products.