Why won't radishes bulb up?

Asked July 2, 2019, 9:25 AM EDT

I can't seem to grow radishes. They don't bulb up. I have researched this online and none of those issues seem to apply. My soil is loose and loamy with compost and peat moss incorporated yearly for 25 years. It's deeply tilled. They are planted in the cool weather both in sprng and fall, are in full sun, spaced 4-6" apart. I do not fertilize them with a high nitrogen fertilizer. I've tried different locations, too. I get 8-10" roots but no bulbs year after year. Do you have any other ideas or suggestions? Onions don't get large bulbs either if that's relevant. Thanks for any advice you might have.

Stearns County Minnesota

1 Response

Be sure that you thin your crop well. Depending on the variety, radishes should be thinned to 2 – 6 inches apart. The following sites may help you determine why your plants are not growing large bulbs. https://extension.umn.edu/vegetables/growing-radishes