Oak tree leaves

Asked July 1, 2019, 7:22 PM EDT

My son has an oak tree that is actually his neighbor's but hangs over his deck providing nice shade. He recently noticed distorted leaves and is wondering what should be done, if anything, to care for it.

Howard County Maryland

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This looks like an environmental issue, not insects or disease. We can't say from the photos was is causing the discoloration. It may have been caused by some substance or high temperatures nearby.

Monitor the tree. If he sees new or different symtoms, send us more photos.


Here are additional pictures which I hope will help determine this oak tree issue.
Thank you for your further input.
Lisa Geisler

Here are 3 more pictures which I hope will help determine this tree's issue.
Lisa Geisler
(I sent this once already, but I'm not sure it went through since I did not get an automated response.)

Again, we are not seeing anything to be concerned about. As previously stated this looks environmental and not insect or disease related. If you should have any other concerns about the tree contact a certified arborist for an onsite evaluation of the tree.
The following website can help find an arborist.