Canning in Coconut Water

Asked July 1, 2019, 7:04 PM EDT

Hello, Here in Scotland, I can buy pineapple canned in sweetened coconut water, but since it is expensive, would it be safe to make my own, by either water bath or pressure canning pineapple chunks, in sweetened commercial coconut water. I know that we can’t can coconut milk safely, but since the directions allow for canning pineapple in either water, syrup or juice, I don’t see that coconut water would have a different ph or heat penetration from regular water or juice. Can you advise? Thanks you!

Outside United States

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Thank you for your question. We have no experts available to respond to your question. We suggest you research local food experts who can help. Researching experts in foreign countries is always a challenge. But Scotland must have some. Good luck!