Alley Cats

Asked July 1, 2019, 11:31 AM EDT

My granddaughter lives in Balto City. She had vegetables growing in pots Alley cats are climbing high fence and urinating on a plant. She tried sprinkling chili powder with no success. Any suggestions?

Baltimore Maryland

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Cats usually are scratching at the sol and trying to urinate on the soil. She can cover the soil surface with flat rocks/tiles pieced together so that the soil is not accessible. The cracks between the rocks will allow watering.
Laying two boards on the pot rim on either side of the plant's base would also block cat use. She may have to play around with materials to get ones heavy enough to keep the cats out.

Other ideas are commercial cat repellents and caging, such as chicken wire.

Chicken wire or hardware cloth can also be shaped and place directly on the soil. This serves the same purpose as rocks mentioned above.