Bee poop!

Asked June 30, 2019, 8:06 PM EDT

I know someone in Oregon with a chronic problem of bee poop getting all over their cars. It’s hard to remove and seemingly impossible to prevent. They live next to large fields. Is there anything that can change their path of travel? And is the only helpful thing for the car to keep it waxed? Thanks!


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I am sorry to hear about the bee poop. Frequently honey bee colonies are brought together in large numbers, either to pollinate crops or to regroup and work on colonies between pollination. That being said, colonies rarely stay in one spot for too long - in Oregon honey bee colonies are on the move. Its hard to change their flight path when they are in a location. One tip for getting bee poop off cars is to wait until it rains - this typically swells the defecation make it quite easy to wash off.