Poison ivy overload

Asked June 30, 2019, 6:51 PM EDT

We have recently trimmed up a line of pines and found a bumper crop of PI under the canopy. Is there a spray that is toxic to one and ok for the other? Why bother u ask? The horse and dog have access to the areas and my wife is super sensitive. Any help appreciated!

Washtenaw County Michigan

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You will need to be cautious when dealing with it near your trees and any other desirable shrubs and plants. Spraying herbicides onto needles, bark or surface roots can damage or kill trees. Placing cardboard between the tree and the spray may help.

Dead PI is still toxic and must be handled with caution and protection. Never burn poison ivy- breathing the smoke is dangerous.

Here are some articles that address removal and chemicals used.



As always, please read and follow all label directions and cautions on any chemicals used. Remember to wash all clothing, shoes and tools that have come in contact with poison ivy. You are correct- keep the animals out of it, or their fur will pick it up and need to be washed. There are services that specialize in removal. If you search online you will find them. This is mentioned only for your information. MSU Extension does not endorse any name brands, retailers or services. Thank you.