Asked June 30, 2019, 6:49 PM EDT

Good evening, I am a resident of Carroll County MD and would love to attend the Keep Your Water Well seminar. It appears there are not any scheduled at this time. If there a recorded event I could watch or will there be any scheduled in the near future? Our house has a well and a water filtration/softening system that was here and functioning when we purchased the home. Now it needs to be replaced and I am having a hard time determining what we need to filter out of our water. The range of what is available is crazy and the prices are too. I want to make sure we filter what we need to filter without paying for unnecessary options. Happy Sunday and thank you for your time, Michelle Zancan 443-538-5445

Carroll County Maryland

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Hi Michelle,

I have forwarded your question to our Watershed Specialist, Kelsey Brooks. You should be hearing from her regarding your question!