Where are the figs?

Asked June 29, 2019, 2:55 PM EDT

Hello, I have a 4-year-old fig tree, which survived last winter with about 6' branches. The variety is called Celeste. It's growing like a weed as you can see in the picture. (it's over 8' tall and growing) I have not fertilized it at all--and have mulched well. But, even after 4 years, no sign of figs! Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

Montgomery County Maryland

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That is a nice looking fig! (Said by someone who lost most shoots to winter cold).

Figs can take several years- up to 5 or so, to start producing. It takes a long season to ripen and Celeste is one of the recommended varieties for our area that has winter-hardiness issues.

Is it getting full sun of 8+ hours a day?
There are things (like root pruning) that can help spur production, but we would recommend just waiting a bit longer. Keep an eye on the base of the leaf where it meets the limb, which is where they would form.

Here is our page on figs, that will give more information and a video on this subject: