food dehydration temperatures

Asked June 29, 2019, 1:06 PM EDT

I just bought a new food dehydrator, and the temperature is adjustable in 9 degree increments, not 5 degrees like my other one. I since most recommended temps are in 5 degree increments, I am not sure if I should err on the side of a lower temp or a higher one when I can't match the temp. For example, the drying temp for bananas is 135, but my options with this dryer are 131 or 140. Os it better to dry slower at 131 or faster at 140? Thanks!

Benton County Oregon

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This publication notes that drying should be commenced as quickly as possible to protect the flavor and quality. that would indicate a higher temperature. See page 11.

When I checked through temperature recommendations in dehydrating publications, I found there is a general recommendation to aim for 140’F. This is considered the top of what we refer to as the “danger zone” that allows pathogens to multiply. If there has been contamination on the bananas, or other products, a lower temperature may mean the product takes too long to dehydrate. I would aim for the higher temperature range.

Hope this helps.