what is wrong with my euonymus

Asked June 29, 2019, 7:27 AM EDT

my euonymus did not leaf out correctly this year it only has leaves on the bottom of the bush. I have seen several others like it around the country this year. will it come out of it or should I hook a chain to it.

Scott County Minnesota

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Thanks for the question.

We have been receiving many reports so far this season of extensive winter damage to various shrubs due to the extreme cold of last January, poor snow cover, and unusual spring weather. Such environmental factors may either directly kill portions of them or weaken them so that leaves may not develop. You need to determine if the parts of the burning bushes not showing leaves are actually dead. With your finger nail or some other tool, gently scrape away a small amount of bark from a branch not having leaves. If the underlying tissue is green, the branch in that region is not dead. If the underlying tissue is dry and brown, the branch is dead. Often I start doing this from the end of the branch and gradually work my way down to the base of that branch. Once having identified dead plant regions, these should be pruned out. Branches that show living tissue (green under the bark) should be left alone even if they currently do not have leaves

Burning bushes are vigorous growers. As long as you have reasonably good growth near the bases of the bushes, they should recover as this season progresses.

You may find the following to be of some interest:


Good Luck!!