Please identify this bug

Asked June 29, 2019, 5:53 AM EDT

I found this insect in an open area. Please identify this bug.

Union County Kentucky

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The insect is small in the photo, but when enlarged the best guess I have is a big-eyed bug. These are beneficial and predators of insects.

Thanks for your response and effort. Much appreciated.

I think its not big eyed bug but similar to that.
It causes irritation, itching and some red spots on the skin after some time of exposure.
I know that the image is not very much clear but can anyone else identify it.
Thanks in advance.

I better picture would help, but it may be a seed bug. It is definitely a bug and when these do bite that can cause itching at the site for a day or so. This may be form some that do not normally bite animals but are plant feeders.