Ash Tree Research?

Asked June 27, 2019, 6:53 PM EDT

Is there a research program to either save current living ash trees, and/or one to produce an EAB resistant ash tree? I'm asking because we have 2 very healthy looking ash trees in the front yard, where every other ash tree I have seen is dead. Thx

Frederick County Maryland

1 Response

There is research underway to find and propagate ash trees that show resistance to Emerald Ash Borere (EAB). These trees are referred to as "lingering ash." The University of Maryland and the University of Delaware are working on research related to biological control of EAB. I reached out to Dr. Paula Shewsbury who works on this research. She said she has heard of the "lingering ash" project but to her knowledge, no one in Maryland / Delaware is working on this. She thinks this was a central US project out of MI or OH. Check the following website and you can contact researchers who work on lingering ash.

In observations of trees in MD and this region, Dr. Shrewsbury has noticed in urban settings multiple ash trees that still look good, even when most others nearby are dead. These ash are mostly white ash. Studies have shown that white ash is more resistant to EAB than green ash (more common in natural and urban areas). It is possible that you have white ashes in your yard.