Muscat grape disease (happens every year!) I'm devastated !

Asked June 27, 2019, 6:03 PM EDT

OMG ! Please help, my beautiful Muscat grapes get this disease every year ! They are in a 'half-barrel' type container, 3 containers and all three get this every year. I purchased The grape vines at least 5 years ago from a local very reputable family nursery. I'm now thinking that it is the soil that is contaminated ?! How can I send you a few pictures??? Natasha aka Heartbroken !

San Mateo County California

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That disease is called powdery mildew and to control it you need to spray with a fungicide. Here is a fact sheet from Ohio State University on the disease.
If you want to use commercially available materials to control the disease here is a home fruit insect and disease guide.