Diseased pumpkin crop

Asked June 27, 2019, 5:47 PM EDT

Hi, I'm an organic seed producer in Jackson Co. and have some disease pressure in a pumpkin crop I need guidance with. Cucumber beetle pressure has been high, and Pyganic sprays have been moderately helpful. I thought i had bacterial wilt but there is no sticky sap; and I don't see evidence of vine borers. I am hoping to avoid having to remove affected plants. Photos are attached. Thanks! Cacia

Jackson County Oregon

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Hello cacia,
Wilts in cucurbits are tricky to diagnose, and some can be seed-borne. They can't usually be confirmed from visual signs and symptoms unless you see something diagnostic like the sticky sap of bacterial wilt that you mentioned.

I would recommend submitting a sample to the OSU Plant Clinic for proper diagnosis: https://bpp.oregonstate.edu/plant-clinic/services-and-fees. Feel free to contact Plant Clinic staff if you have questions about sampling or packaging, or contact me at 503-913-9410 or nick.andrews@oregonstate.edu.

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