Cornfield ants?

Asked June 27, 2019, 1:44 PM EDT

I have been battling these ants for approximately 5 years now, seems the more I do, the worse they get. I've tried outside ant sprinkle that you water down 3 times, cornmeal, borax and sugar, and dishsoap. They rarely come in the house, but our whole lawn is covered with their hills, we live on about 1/2 acre 10 min outside of Virginia. We have searched everywhere for a "nest" with no luck. Researching on your insect page, based upon the description under each ant type, my guess is cornfield ants. My question is, how do we get rid of them? I feel like we'll be carried away soon, help! Haha!

St. Louis County Minnesota

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If you've already read through our ant website, then I can't add much:

Here is another university publication, from Penn State:

It is crucial to find the nest. Then you can decide on a treatment option.

One other point is that ants often feed off of honeydew, the secretion of aphids. In fact, ants will farm aphids (carry them to a plant) in order to get the honeydew. So look for plants that have an aphid infestation. Getting rid of the aphids means getting rid of the food for the ants.