Pine Trees Appear to be Dying

Asked June 27, 2019, 12:20 PM EDT

Hello, we have two large pine trees in the front yard. They have new growth on the very ends of the branches but very "skimpy" amounts of green elsewhere on the branches. Seems they are looking worse each year. Also seems to have an extra large amount of pine cones in the last couple of years and the tips of the branches fell off last year also. Now we are trying to decide if we should have them cut down? Any suggestions? See photos attached.

Benzie County Michigan

1 Response

These appear to be spruce trees that are suffering from a needlecast fungal disease. See the article below to learn more about this disease.
As the article states, fungicides may be applied to protect new growth and it make take several years of annual applications. I suggest you contact a certified arborist who can come take a closer look at your trees and determine if a treatment plan is viable. You can find an arborist by entering the state, city an d zip code in the web site below.
Hope that helps.