Philodendron - black on stems and leaves

Asked June 27, 2019, 11:42 AM EDT

Hello, I have a philodendron vine I picked up from a garden shop and put outdoors in mostly shade. The pot wasn't draining well and I'm sure it was too wet. I re-potted it to let it dry out some but it has black on many of the stems and doesn't produce new leaves in those areas. Many of the leaves fell off and some show signs of looking pale and some brown spots here and there. The main concern is these black portions on the stems. Is there a fungicide or anything that can be applied to save it? Could it be cut back and maybe it will re-grow? Thank you.

Scott County Minnesota

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Did you inspect the roots when you re-potted the plant? They may have rotted when the pot wasn't draining well. When that happens, the roots look like this:

In any case, If some portions of the plant appear to be healthy, you may be able to salvage it via stem cuttings. Go here to learn about how to take and propagate cuttings:

Start the cuttings in soil rather than water using the plastic cover method.