Peony never blooms

Asked June 27, 2019, 11:37 AM EDT

I’ve had this peony for 4 years and moved it to a sunnier location on the west side of the house this year. It’s always gotten small buds which then turn brown and never bloom. It only has a few stalks and can’t figure out what else it needs.

Hennepin County Minnesota

1 Response

There are several factors that could cause your peony not to bloom. It is possible that it is stressed from the last transplanting that was done. Though, this does not explain the previous years of the same symptoms. There is a fungal disease called botrytis blight that can cause a similar situation. Leaves also will often get brown / black spots. Cleanup of infected plant material from the plant and any on the ground is helpful in this situation. Did you treat your soil or surrounding plants with any products such as fertilizer or weed killers? If you haven't already done a soil test, this could be really beneficial to determine what fertilization needs you have or if too much has been applied in the past. A soil test can be done at the U of MN. If you treated nearby plants or weeds with herbicide, this could potential cause some damage to your peony. In addition, inadequate sunlight, planting too deep, and early spring freezes can all affect the blooms as well. The follow web links provide further information and suggestions. Best of luck with your peony.