How to Remedy Luna Hibiscus Wilting Leaves

Asked June 27, 2019, 12:16 AM EDT

Luna Hibiscis Wilting Leaves

I have 3 luna hibiscis ready to bloom in their 4th year. Prior to today the leaves and plant looked excellent. I applied a 20-20-20 feretilizer today (10 days from my last treatment) and sprayed misting the leaves as well. About 5 hours later all three plants and all the leaves are now wilting. I never seen something liike this. There are no yellow leaves just wilting leaves. The plants are about 3'x3'. I dont know what to do. I read mist the leaves more, dont water the plant, dont mist the leaves, etc. They look like they are dying very rapidly. The temperature today hit arround 90 degrees. It will hit 90 degrees Thursday & Friday. I cannot relocate. They are planted in the direct afternoon sunlight. I never had this problem, they bloom so very well every year in this spot. I believe the wilting was caused by misting the plant with the water/fertilizer mix.

Please reference the photos, the plants are located outside and cannot be relocated. The dark soil around the base of each plant is not wet soil just the topsoil used with no mulch under each plant.

What should I do? It is 11:45 PM Wednesday 6/26, Im in panic mode.

Thank you,

Mark K.

PS. I will take photos now.

Lehigh County Pennsylvania

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