Shrinking Water Supplies?

Asked June 26, 2019, 4:57 PM EDT

I read some articles about the ongoing fight over water from the Klamath lake; that it is a dwindling resource for farmers there. QUES: What is the Best Resouc e for Info on Water Access in an area of Oregon [Prior To] Moving there? OSU Univ or a 'State' Agency? Thanks, Josh in Orlando, FL.


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Hi Josh,
The Klamath has a lot of competing interests (fish, water quality, tribes, farmers, power, residential) and not enough water. It is a tough situation. In any case, the best place to gather information on water is the Oregon Water Resources Department website.
They have a new strategic plan posted on their website, along with a lot of regional information. Oregon is a big state with a lot of ecosystems, from the wet coast and Willamette Valley to the hot, dry Eastern range country. Water issues vary widely across the state.
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