Weed killing around fruit trees

Asked June 26, 2019, 2:40 PM EDT

I'm in West Eugene and have several fruit trees in an area where weeds have spread. i need a safe weed killer that will not harm my fruit trees. I use a vinegar and water solution, sometimes with a little roundup to kill grass and weeds away from my trees and landscaping. Thanks for the help. Jeffrey Bemis

Lane County Oregon

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Weed whacking (do not make any contact with the tree trunks) followed by heavy mulch. I prefer coffee sacks topped with the mulch and again no trunk contact- stay 8 or so inches away. Vinegar over time can seriously acidify the soil for all the plants, so a lot depends on how often and how strong. You could also use landscape cloth under the mulch, but over time it reacts like plastic in denying proper water and oxygen entry. We bag our lawn clippings (no weedkillers used on those areas) and spread them around the shrubs and trees about 8-12" from the trunk. Then that smaller area can be fairly easily kept short or even bare by hand. Flaming is good also, but, of course, you need to do it in the wetter periods and not in actual contact with the tree. You use it just to wilt down the weeds, not to incinerate them.