Leaf Identification

Asked June 26, 2019, 1:45 PM EDT

What tree/plant/ bush is this leaf from? (I think a tree???....)

Hennepin County Minnesota

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To identify your plant some more information will be helpful.

A photo of the whole plant and closeups of the leaves and buds.

What is the source of the plant? volunteer, one you bought at a garden center, one planted on your property, on someone else's landscape, in the wild.

What else do you know about your plant? how tall when mature, when does it bloom, color of blooms, are the leaves rough or smooth, is the stem square,

Where does it grow? shade or sun.

Plant identification can be very labor intensive and since it will take time you may want to try to find the answer yourself since you have the plant to look at. I won't be able to provide an accurate identification without some of the information listed above.

Unless one is familiar with a plant or plant family plant identification requires detective work. Here are some useful resources.