Evergreen shrubs for hedge

Asked June 26, 2019, 12:55 PM EDT

What evergreen shrubs would recommend for a hedge by the sidewalk? They would have to be deer and rabbit resistant.

Montgomery County Maryland

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We would need to know more about the planting area to best help you.
What are your size needs? Maximum height and width? (If you don't want to have to prune regularly)
What type of sun does the area get, as in how many hours a day?
Does the soil drain well? Is the area sloped or low?
Let us know. You might also consider going to a good garden center and see what appeals to you but be sure to read tags for the type of garden placement (site) they prefer and be sure that their mature size would not overwhelm the space that you have available.
Here is our page on Deer. Within it you will see a list of deer resistant plants. Note that no plant is 'deer proof' if they are hungry enough: