Maple tree sections dying

Asked June 26, 2019, 12:53 PM EDT

There are 3 Maple trees in my neighborhood 1 in each yard. Each of the trees all leafed out this Spring but now the trees all have sections where the trees leaves have turned burn and dried up. Is there some sort of disease going around??? Thanks so much.

Genesee County Michigan

1 Response

Is it possible you can attach a picture of the leaves and tree?

Maple trees do experience many leaf issues but without a picture it is a bit difficult to make a diagnosis. It you are unable to do so you can send a sample into the MSU lab for diagnosis. Information on prices and how to send a sample is on their website or phone them at (517) 355-4536 for instructions on how to send a sample

Another option is to contact a certified arborist in your area for an assessment. To find one located near you go to the following link and click on find an arborist and then use your zip code. Make sure you select one that is certified.

I will check back to see if you are able to send pictures. Thank you .