A question about canning....

Asked June 26, 2019, 12:25 PM EDT

IF my lids pop (seal) while I am waiting on the hot water bath to come to a boil do I still need to hot water bath the jars where the lids have sealed? I am in the process of waiting for the hot water bath to boil and now all of the jar lids have popped. Will it hurt if I put them into the hot water bath?

Ogemaw County Michigan

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Great question. They still do have to be processed in the hot water bath, as this is a critical step to bring the contents up to the correct temperature. However, doing this after a seal is formed is not recommended. I would just do a quick swap of the lid before you put it into the canner. This likely happened because as the hot food was cooling a vacuum formed - so I would try to work in smaller batches or a bit more quickly next time so that there is no time for it to seal.