Tomato Problems

Asked June 26, 2019, 12:04 PM EDT

Hello, I appear to be having three separate issues with some of my tomato plants (Beef steak, early treat, and super sweet varieties). Some are exhibiting very curled up leaves but other then that appear to be fine. Another has these small beige dots on most of the leaves like some sort of pest has been biting. Lastly one plant has these yellow raised deposits on the stem of the plant. I am not sure what is causing any of these issues or how to remedy them. Any information you could provide would be helpful. I water them everyday when its hot or every other day if its mild. Nothing else has been sprayed on them. Other then some small spider webs I have not seen any insects on the plants either.

St. Mary's County Maryland vegetables abiotic issues

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Hi- thanks for the photos and questions.
1. Leaf curl of lower tomato leaves during hot dry weather is not uncommon and is variable based on cultivar. Your photo shows severe leaf roll throughout the entire plant which is a bit unusual. Your plants appear healthy. The leaf curl could be caused by excess heat, lack of soil moisture, severe crowding or some other unseen environmental factors. You may want to increase the amount of water given to that plant and prune away some of the excess suckers to improve air circulation and reduce above ground crowding (especially suckers coming out of the plant base).
2. We agree that this appears to be some very minor leaf feeding by an insect (beetle, caterpillar, or leafminer perhaps). No worries there.
3. The nubs are adventitious roots. If the stem was buried you'd have roots growing freely. It's normal an is even more common on heirloom cultivars. No worries here either.