These black flies on raspberries

Asked June 26, 2019, 11:34 AM EDT

These flies are new in my raspberries this year. I have been rinsing my berries three and four times to get these to float out so I can crush them. They smell awful (and taste bad too) when crushed. What to do? I do not see larvae in the fruit.

Multnomah County Oregon insect issues raspberries

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Thank you for using Ask an Expert for help identifying the insect attacking your raspberries.

This is a member of the true bug family. These critters have piercing mouths that then suck juices from the plants, either from the fruit (as your raspberries) or from leave s and stems. There are dozens of members of this very large family, and I am unable to pinpoint exactly which one this is.

For an in-person identification, I suggest capturing one of the critters and taking it to your local Master Gardeners for an in-person look. You can find the Multnomah County Master Gardeners at Montgomery Park, 2701 NW Vaughn St., Suite 450 or chat with them at 503-445-4608 (Monday through Friday-- 10:00 am to 2:00 pm). They can also be reached at

These critters can be hand-picked or knocked off the plants and collected before the berries (or other produce) is brought into the house.

There may be spray controls for the bug, but choosing the right one would depend on a good identification and consideration of the plant being sprayed. When using an insecticide, read and follow all directions and cautions.

Have a good gardening year,