Canning peppers

Asked June 26, 2019, 11:24 AM EDT

I am wanting to make canned peppers like the type used to make chile rellenos for example. Last year I followed the instruction to the letter. Chard them rubbed the skins off put them in the jars and process them in the pressure cooker exactly as specified. They came out very mushy and impossible to use. My sister said the commercial ones at a chemical to keep those firm. Can you come up with an idea for me that doesn't involve I use some nasty chemical? Your advice would be greatly appreciated! appreciated! Debra

Marion County Oregon

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Keeping canned peppers from getting soft is tough. They are low acid produce, so require that pressure canning that cooks them well, which is what softens them. As you know, anything less than that and they are not safe in the jars.

You could try to freeze them and see how they turn out. There is simple prep for freezing, be sure to package them well.

There is a calcium-based product that does help keep them a little more crisp. It is what is used commercially, too. Calcium chloride sold as Pickle Crisp (R) This is generally used by people who are pickling, but would work in pressure canned peppers. Research seems to indicate that Pickling, lime (calcium hydroxide) is not effective. A food processing specialist calculated that it would take about 1/2 tsp of Pickle Crisp per pint to be effective- if you choose to try that product.