Asked June 26, 2019, 11:04 AM EDT

My potatoes already flowered and I've been putting more and more dirt on them to keep them hilled up. They was doing amazing and noe they look like their dying. They still have some green leaves but their turning yellow and druping. It has been over a month since they flowered so could they just be at the end of their harvest or could they be infected. I have small children that are hoping to eat them but I wanna make sure their safe.

Bristol Virginia

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Thanks for your question. This question comes up a lot.

Often potatoes will yellow and look a bit sickly when they are ready to be harvested. We just had this happen with our Red Norland crop at our demonstration garden.

I can't tell from the photo is that is what's going on in your garden or there is an actual disease issue. If there is a disease issue, it's possible it's limited to the foliage. Potatoes are related to tomatoes and just like tomatoes you can have diseased foliage and still salvage healthy fruit.

Harvest the potatoes carefully. Remember their skins are very delicate at harvest . Inspect each tuber for damage, discarding ones that are black and/or mushy.