No Peaches on Tree

Asked June 26, 2019, 7:38 AM EDT

I have a peach tree that is 3 years old, massive, healthy-but still no fruit. I bought it in a pot & it had about 5 peaches on it when I bought it. None since planting. Why? I may have planted it too deep (my guess). Can I do anything to get it to fruit, or should I cut it down?

Jefferson County Kentucky

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This is a young tree that has been in the ground for only 3 years. It has taken at least 2 years for the tree to adapt to a new location. If the tree has been planted too deep then root issues and wounds can develop at the point where the trunk enters the ground. It would not keep the plant from producing fruit unless the tree was severely in stress and declining.

Did the tree produce blooms? If not, it could be because of transplant shock or too much nitrogen applied, possibly through lawn fertilization. Lawn fertilizers are heavy in nitrogen which can keep a plant in a vegetative state. Do not apply lawn fertilizer, or weed killers near the tree.

If the tree bloomed but produced no fruit the buds/ blooms may have died due to frost conditions in spring. That can happen to early bearing peaches and other fruit trees if they are exposed to freezing temperatures when beginning to bloom.

The other possibility is the if the tree did bloom but was not pollinated. Without pollination there is no fruit. Encouraging bees to visit your yard by providing wildflowers and other summer blooming plants as well as limiting any chemical applications around the area will make your yard more bee friendly.

Feel free to contact our office if you have other questions.

Let me know if I can help you further!

Carol Wilder
Horticulture Technician
Jefferson County Cooperative Extension Service

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We did have blooms - no fruit. The trees shows no visible signs of stress. It is incredibly lush & beautiful. But not too much nitrogen, since we are organic gardeners & have not even given this tree compost.

The variety was called Elberta. Is that an early bearing peach? We are less than 5 miles from your Juneau Drive office address. I don't recall a late Spring frost. What are some of the best plants to have to attract pollinators for our peach tree.

It is a beautiful tree. But we have a small subdivision lot. So if it doesn't produce, I want to replace it with something that will.

Thanks for your help!

Planting wild flower gardens and restricting the use of pesticides can attract more bees. if you are in an area where other crops on other properties are being sprayed with pesticides then the bee population may just not be there.