Little Fruit

Asked June 25, 2019, 3:54 PM EDT

We have a few blueberry bushes. They are producing plenty of fruit except the Early Blue. It is more than a several years old and is good sized, but very little fruit. Recommendations.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Hi- here are many possible factors that individually or collectively resulted in lower fruit production for your Early Blue plant compared to your other plants:
Location of plant- less sun, end of row, root competition with adjacent plants, insufficient space
Handling of plant in nursery, transplant shock, mechanical injury to crown or roots
Soil in planting area is less fertile, lower in organic matter, or more compacted
Plant has not been pruned to induce new shoots from the crown (renewal pruning of oldest canes).

Please read about blueberry care and pruning on our website. Fertilizing with ammonium sulfate at bloom and two weeks after bloom will increase fruit size.