Why won’t my Red Bud get a trunk?

Asked June 25, 2019, 1:44 PM EDT

I live in northern NM. I’ve had this western red bud for 5 years. I mulch it well in the winter. It will develop a few flowers in the spring but still doesn’t have a single trunk. It gets new branches and beautiful, healthy leaves towards the bottom/ground every year. I have a clematis that is happy to use the dead branches this year as a trellis. Why isn’t it growing into a tree?

Taos County New Mexico

1 Response

Western redbud can either grow as a shrub or a tree. To get it to grow like a tree you will need to remove all but 3-4 main stems to allow them to become main trunks as the tree grows.If you remove all but one stem, the tree will develop into a single trunked tree. This includes removing any dead branches or stems. Since redbuds tend to branch aggressively, you should remove new low branches as they appear, to retain a single trunk. This information was taken from the following: