Birch Trees in Trouble

Asked June 25, 2019, 12:55 PM EDT

How are sapsuckers/woodpeckers discouraged from pecking holes and releasing sap for bugs and other birds to feed on? Can the trees be somehow wrapped to both protect them and keep the sap from flowing out? Who would I contact to come and help me?

I have two young birch trees that are being pecked at relentlessly by two birds (sapsuckers, I believe). I am really worried that they are going to kill the trees. I hung CD's to scare them away as high as I could reach, but the birds just sat next to them and kept pecking. They don't even leave when I stand directly below them under the tree. HELP!!!

Addison County Vermont

1 Response

The reason that woodpeckers are pecking on the tree is that there are insects in the tree that they are after for food.

Here is a link to an extension service fact sheet that may be of help