Hydrangea not blooming

Asked June 25, 2019, 12:18 PM EDT

Hello, I have a few hydrangea plants that we acquired at our new house that have not bloomed since the year we moved in. I don’t know the variety, but it appears that they grow new stems each year. The year after they bloomed, we trimmed them down to the base in the fall. I believe now that this was a big mistake. They were lush and green in the summer, but never had bud/blooms. So this year I did not trim them down in the fall. I left them “as is” and it appears that they still do not have buds, and will not bloom. Did I ruin them? Is there any way to get them to bloom again? Any advice? I really hope I could get them to look beautiful again.

Wayne County Michigan

2 Responses

Hello. As a general rule it is best to prune right after flowering. This is true for most shrubs. It is likely you pruned off the buds for the next season when you pruned in the fall. However, do not despair! The bloom season for hydrangeas is just getting started and it is possible you have a later blooming variety, especially if they are a panicle type. The Annabelle variety has not begun to show color yet here in West Michigan and they are usually the first to bloom. I hope you get some beautiful blooms this year, but if not, hopefully next year.

Thank you! Crossing my fingers!