Getting cucumber beetles out of my roses

Asked June 24, 2019, 6:38 PM EDT

I have cucumber beetles in my roses how can I manage them?

Benton County Oregon

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The cucumber beetle is quite an alarming bug once the larvae hatch and your plants are covered with green beetles eating holes in the leaves. We always encourage the least-toxic methods for protection of your plants, the beneficial insects and yourself. Hand-picking, high-powered hosing-off of plants, insecticidal soaps (or kitchen-sink soapy water) can knock them down for a while. There are chemicals that will kill them (and most other insects including beneficial bees) so they are a last resort. You will find suggestions for all these methods, and a list of chemical treatments, in the links below. A browse through your nursery's insect spray aisle will come up with several commercial preparations - read the cautions and follow the labels.