ID orphan orchids?

Asked June 24, 2019, 3:12 PM EDT

My neighbor had to go back to France suddenly and left me these two orchids(?) - no name, no care instructions. Perhaps one of you orchidologists could ID them -- once I know what they are, I can find out what they need. Many thanks.

New York

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Your two orphan plants are not brothers or sisters.

The one with the large dark green leaves as you suspected is an orchid. A Phalaenopsis specifically. This plant will bloom approximately every year on a stem that originates at a leaf base. The flowers will remain healthy and attractive for over a month and sometimes even longer. As you suspected there is plenty of information on the care of this plant on the web so I won’t go into that. Two cautions however: 1) never let water remain in the intersection of the leaves and the stem or in the top part of the plant where the top leaves form sort of a cup and 2) do not water with salt treated soft water.

The other plant is a succulent of the family Graptopetalum. There is also an abundance of web information on the care of these plants and since I never have raised one I don’t have any special cautions.

Good luck with the plants


I think they thought they were brother and sister, though it did seem dubious to me - but let them believe whatever makes them happy.

Ahh, many thanks: I will track down the (no doubt) vast care information and develop a regime, or two regimes, for this non-traditional family....

Since it sounds like they were both adopted by you that probably means that they are step brothers and sisters. Enjoy them but don’t spoil them. Tony