Japanese Knot Weed

Asked June 24, 2019, 1:01 PM EDT

Need advice on how to best eradicate (or control) and properly dispose of Japanese Knot Weed in my City of Flint home. Are there professionals that do this in my area. Thanks!

Genesee County Michigan

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As with any invasive, a multi-pronged long term approach is needed to eradicate the plant. More info about these options are included in the article below.
You will see that there are chemical products that can be applied to the cut canes which will help kill some of the roots. However, your best bet may be to cut back the growth and cover with a heavy plastic weighted down with heavy bricks. This will prevent the Knotweed from getting the sunlight it needs to keep growing. You may need to leave the plastic down for several growing seasons. Use the chemical product on any stray upshoots around the plastic.
The only professionals that I can think of to help you with this would be a landscaper with a chemical applicator license. Or perhaps you can find out more from the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network. Link to the web site below. Hope that helps.