testing soil

Asked June 24, 2019, 12:51 PM EDT

I got a truck load of soil delivered this spring It was supposed to be a good mixture, including compost, but i'm not real happy with it. It's very chunky and hard to break down. And things I've planted in it don't seem to be doing well. Is there somewhere I could take it to have someone look at it?? Maybe there is something I could add to it? I still have a pretty big pile of it in my driveway and don't want to keep using it until I find out. thanks

Benton County Oregon soil and fertility issues

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Hi, if you can bring a quart bag of your soil to the Benton County Master Gardener plant clinic desk, Master Gardeners have some service that might be able to help. We can:

  • Test soil pH.
  • Take an informal look at the texture and structure.
  • Suggest management and/or amendments to improve it.