Trees are dying in Golden Beach Marylabd

Asked June 23, 2019, 8:41 PM EDT

We are losing the Eastern Redbud in our front yard and just noticed that our Cherry tree looks like it’s dying too. Our neighbor’s willow tree looks like it’s starting to die as well. The Blue Spruce across the street is dying and a Red Maple next door to that might be dying off as well. We are just sick about this and hope to figure out what’s going on.

St. Mary's County Maryland

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These species of trees are not related, so they would not share the same diseases and insect pests. They all have different problems. It's possible that they are all affected by an aboitic (environmental or cultural) problem, such as pesticides killing them. But since these are on different properties, this is not likely.

Most blue spruce in Maryland are dying. They are not suited to our environment. It's too humid and hot here--they are Colorado blue spruce, after all. They usually die of cytospora when they are about 20 years old or so. However, all the rain the past couple of years has speeded up infection with another fungal disease as well. Do not plant this tree in the future. Here is more about the disease and substitutes for it:

Willows are not long-lived trees. Fruiting cherry trees also are not long-lived (compared to, say, an oak.)

If you send us photos of your trees, with both close-ups and whole-plant shots, we may be able to diagnose each of them.