Restoration of Property

Asked June 23, 2019, 1:38 PM EDT

Hi! We used Plateau for a few times on the cheat grass on our property in Central Oregon. Now we have some very nice natural grasses coming up, but the cheat grass has filtered back in. My question is...if we use Plateau to try to control the scattered cheat grass in Oct/Nov, will it harm the natural grasses? I'm attaching photos so you can see some of the grasses. Also can you identify the plant in the 3rd photo. Is it an invasive weed? (At least it looks nice and isn't cheat grass or Russian Thistle!) Thanks for your help! Deb Hilleren

Deschutes County Oregon

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Hi Deb, Yes it is likely that these other would be harmed. The first photo looks like either foxtail barley or bottlebrush squirrel tail. I cannot see the second photo well enough maybe a more mature bottlebrush squirrel tail or medusa head? I cannot see the seed heads well enough. Also need a better photo of the third photo or a close-up of the leaf and flower. Either re-submit photos or bring in a live sample (the best way to id) they can be brought to our plant clinic in Redmond. We are located on the fairgrounds there. Thanks